Sound for Film: Gone Nutty

[Dailymotion id=xda6c1] For our Sound for Film project we needed to create the sound for the Pixar short “Gone Nutty”. We created all sounds from scratch, all the ADR, Foley, SFX and Music was done by our group. [Dailymotion id=xda69t] We were also given the task of creating an individual “Making of” style video to … Continue reading

Sound Design: Spaceships

My fifth and final sound design project was creating sound for the spaceships in Star Wars. Again I was given a sound library of sounds to manipulate to use in the project. I used various sounds such as Cars, hair-driers, rocket thrusts, boat engines etc. I cut up sounds in Audacity and put them into … Continue reading

Sound Design: Granular Synthesis

For the fourth sound design video I used the program Granulab, this is a granular synthesiser that allows you to load in an audio sample and manipulate the sample with various controls. I had to use the program to create sounds for which I could then use for an abstract video. After using the program … Continue reading

Sound Design: Alien Languages

Our third sound design project, I needed to create alien languages for a video featuring various Star Wars characters. I was given a sample bank of animal sounds to use for the video. Sound designer Ben Burtt is well known for using real world sounds in the Star Wars movies so this was something I … Continue reading

Sound Design: Robots

For our second sound design video I was given a video of a Robot moving. I was required to create the sounds by syncing and manipulating audio samples within Cubase. Samples included tin openers, electric motors and pneumatic drills. I also used pitch shifting to add variety in the movements as well as using reverb … Continue reading

Sound Design: Synthesis

For a sound design project we have been given a different video each week in which we need to create sound for. I have been asked to do a piece of abstract music for the following video. I did this using MIDI synthesisers within Cubase and used automation to control each tracks volume and panning.

Video: The Toro Rosso Story

I decided to create a new video showing the story of my favourite Formula One team, Toro Rosso. The video was to be used for my Red Bull fan blog ‘The Bull Run’. The plan for the video was to use an audio track but fade it out to include clips from the ITV commentary … Continue reading

Hardware Presentation: Microphones

We were required to do a hardware presentation, which we chose to do about dynamic microphones. The presentation included a brief look at how they work, as well as audio performance and specification. For our presentation we also conducted our own experiment by going into a booth with a microphone to test the polar patterns … Continue reading

Acoustics and Physco-acoustics: Write Ups

As part of our acoustics module we were required to write up four essays about experiments that had been conducted during lesson time. I chose the following experiments for my write ups. The Human Perception of Loudness The Haas Effect Spatial Perception Study of modes in an Electric Guitar UPDATE: I received a 2:1 overall … Continue reading