Studio Production: Last Night

Click Below to hear the finished track.

For our studio project we had 4 weeks to record a cover of ‘Last Night’ by ‘The Strokes’. We had session musicians come into the studio each week to record different parts of the track.

Week 1: Drum Recording Session

We booked a session drummer to play the track and set a click track and fed it to the drummers headphones.
For recording we used a number of microphones. AKG D112 on the Bass Drum, Shure Sm57 on the Snare, Sennheiser E604 on the Tom’s and a AKG C3000 as overheads.

Week 2: Guitar/Bass

We booked a session musician to play guitar and bass. We used a Shure SM57 on the Guitar Amp and a AKG D112 on the bass, which will also DIed.

Week 3: Vocals

We used a T-Bone SCT 800 to record the session vocalist. We also used a Pop-Shield on the mic to stop pop’s and hisses from certain syllables.

Week 4: Audio Mixdown

I edited the track and chose the takes I wanted before the individual mix down. We had 2 hours to add any required effects. I added compression on to the vocals and guitar. I panned the two guitar tracks hard left and hard right. I also added a slight delay on the solo for added effect. I gated the drums so each track had no unnecessary spills of sound.

UPDATE: I received a Merit for this piece of work.


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