MIDI: Sound for Video Games

For our university MIDI project I were asked to create a MIDI sequence for either a film, television program or a video game. We could use the synthesisers in Cubase as well as the Roland XV 5050 hardware synth.

I chose to do my MIDI track for a RPG style video game. My idea was to create 3 different themes to match different areas within the game.

There is a village theme which is a happy, jolly piece. I gave it a waltz-like feel by making it 3/4 time. The world map theme is just some simple atmospheric music. Finally, for the battle music I increased the tempo for the section to create a orchestral and frantic piece.

Click the Play Button to hear my finished piece.

[Audio https://tjbellingham.files.wordpress.com/2010/03/rpgtheme.mp3%5D

UPDATE: I received a First for this piece of work.


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