Studio Production: Library Music

We were given a task to produce 2 tracks in the recording studio to fit a specific genre. The track needed to be 1 minute 30 seconds in length as it would be used for library music. As well as the 1.30 track, we needed to make a 30 second bed and a 5 second sting for the track.

Action and Drama

We chose to do a piece for the Action and Drama genre. We recorded drums, bass, guitar, piano and a didgeridoo. This piece was a good chance for me to use Logic for the first time so I focused on being the studio engineer as well as recording the guitar for the piece.

Action and Drama – Full track
Action and Drama – Bed
Action and Drama – Sting

Extreme Sports

We used Cubase to record the extreme sports track. After researching other themes we came up with a rock guitar piece that was appropriate for the genre.

Extreme Sports – Full Track
Extreme Sports – Bed
Extreme Sports – Sting

UPDATE: I received a 2:1 for this pieces of work.


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