Sound Design: Alien Languages

Our third sound design project, I needed to create alien languages for a video featuring various Star Wars characters. I was given a sample bank of animal sounds to use for the video. Sound designer Ben Burtt is well known for using real world sounds in the Star Wars movies so this was something I wanted to keep in mind.

For the first voice, I recorded a friends voice in a record booth, using a condenser microphone (Audio Technica AT 2050.) I then pitch shifted the vocal and added effects such as a Bitcrusher and a Cloner to make the voice sound more alien-like.
The second aliens voice was created with a bobcat growl sample. I then use a pitch shift envelope to create the change in pitch to match the visuals of the alien turning his dials. The third alien voice I matched different animal samples to the speech, these include a Ocelot growling, a rat squeaking and a rabbit screeching. The fourth and final alien was created using grunts and snorts from pigs and panthers, pitch shifted slightly and synced up to match the aliens mouth movements.


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