First of all welcome to my page,

My name is Tom Bellingham and I’ve been interested in music technology from an early age. It all began when I was 11years old, after getting our first PC my parents bought me ‘Dance Ejay 2’. The program consists of laying samples into a sequencer, from this I created some dance music which I burnt onto CD’s. Although it was very basic, it was my first taste of music technology.

2 years later I began to learn the acoustic guitar, about half a year later I bought an electric guitar and soon ended up playing with a group of friends. After playing for a number of years I joined my first band and played a few local gigs. After winning a school’s battle of the bands, we won the chance to spend a day at a recording studio. I made a few music videos with some of our bands recordings and took this interest further by making a few music videos for my favourite bands. They received a lot of positive reviews on from fans on YouTube and the most popular one now has 500,000 hits.

Half way through my AS Levels I decided to start studying music technology and started a course at Confetti studios. After just a couple of weeks on the course I knew this was what I wanted to do in the future. 2 years later I now study at Leeds Metropolitan University, doing a 3-year degree in Music Technology.

I have been lucky enough to work in many different subject areas within music technology, this site mainly focuses on sound for popular media as well as post production which I hope to start a career in once I finish university.

Contact : tjbellingham@googlemail.com

CV: Tom Bellingham CV


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