Audio Systems: Synthmaker

I was required to design and create a synth using the program synthmaker. I had to build the synth from scratch using all the different modules within the program. Here you can see an image of my finished synthesiser. I was required to design and create a synth using the program synthmaker. I had to … Continue reading

Audio Systems: Experiment Write Ups

For Audio Systems we were required to write up 4 of the 6 experiments we did during lesson time. The experiments I chose can be seen below. Fundamentals of Sound MIDI Digital Audio Harmonics UPDATE: I received a First for this piece of work.

MIDI: Sound for Video Games

For our university MIDI project I were asked to create a MIDI sequence for either a film, television program or a video game. We could use the synthesisers in Cubase as well as the Roland XV 5050 hardware synth. I chose to do my MIDI track for a RPG style video game. My idea was … Continue reading

Music Video: Iron Maiden – The Prisoner

Another Iron Maiden Music Video. I used Adobe Premiere Pro to piece together footage of live performance as well as footage from the Prisoner TV series, which the song is about. I synced the video with the audio from the original studio track. UPDATE: After uploading the video to YouTube it’s now had 70,000 hits.

Sound for Film: The Incredibles

For our sound for moving image project we were required to create the sound for a clip from Disney Pixar’s ‘The Incredibles’. All the different sound categories had to be produced. Foley For the Foley we did location recording at holme pierrepont, a water sports centre nearby. We managed to create many sounds such as … Continue reading